Transformed in Hajdú-Bihar county, wildlife of

Over the past decades has completely transformed Hajdú-Bihar county wildlife – informed Papp Zoltán county fővadász the 25. Hajdú-Bihar county vadásznap and 5. Tiszacsegei catfish pepper-cooking Festival heralding press conference on Wednesday, the csegei fishing in the sky.

Say: the area is always small game with area, and the oldest local hunters don’t think they have that this situation changes dramatically.

Papp Zoltan as an example, he mentioned that while in the 1960s, only seven wild boar have been reported in the county, in 1990 I 200, and last year 3600 boar was Hajdú-Bihar.

This means that you have tried to compensate for the small game and big game are the quantity of the eastern part of the country: in 2016 12 500 big game and the same number of small game has been killed the hunters that have never before been a feature of the region – informed the fővadász, mentioning that the national trend is that in recent years has increased fivefold in the big game, and a five-fold decrease in the small blind.

Papp Zoltán, according to a new approach to the domestic game management in the renewable hunting act, which introduces the region of wildlife management concepts.

The law by changing the management of facilitating the same livestock-structure regions are created, for example, Hajdú-bihar in four: the All-park opened, the Hajdúsági-wooded wilderness, the Hajdúsági-löszhát-Hortobágy and the Sárrét-bihar region.

The four game management regions terüeltén 3400 hunters on the 83 hajdú-bihar to hunt in company, among which more than thirty company representatives will be there on 26 August, the csegei Tisza-beach held vadásznap.

Szilágyi Sándor, Tiszacsege mayor at the press conference talked about settlement of their part of the Debrecen-Hajdúszoboszló-Hortobágy-Tisza lake is a priority tourist regions, that serious improvements will allow in the coming years.

The government decision in 2017 and 2030, among more than 35 billion from 30 development program may be implemented in Tiszacsege tourism investments: cycle paths construction, the tisza water transport route development and the csegei port construction – classified the mayor.

Szilágyi Sándor tell you that it is extremely popular in the city Tisza-beach big event. The weekend vadásznap after the September 2-ai catfish pepper-cooking festival, there are more than ten thousand visitors are expected.

The tiszacsegei fishmonger’s 2-2 kg fillet of catfish provides each contestant főzőcsapat, so far, more than 140 teams have indicated participation in the tisza cook-off – said at the press conference Alexander, the inn’s owner.

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