Traders will continue the platform Coincheck justice


TOKYO (Reuters) – A group of ten traders in cryptomonnaies assign in justice Thursday, the japanese platform Coincheck for the theft last month of $ 530 million (€430 million) of virtual money, has announced a lawyer representing the plaintiffs.

The traders are challenging the decision of Coincheck freeze all the withdrawals in yen and cryptodevises after this flight and will request that the platform allows them to take these currencies to put them in a “wallet”, that is to say, the folders used to store the money dematerialized outside of the platform, explained to the lawyer Hiromu Mochizuki.

Coincheck, which is due to publish a report Tuesday on burglary, was resumed withdrawals in yen on Tuesday, according to messages posted on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

A second legal action seeking damages could be announced at the end of the month, has added the lawyer.

Coincheck has indicated that the restrictions on withdrawals of cryptomonnaies would be maintained until it can guarantee a recovery secure of its operations.

(Thomas Wilson; Danielle Rouquié for the French service)

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