Top 5 key events to hold on the markets this Thursday

Here are the 5 most important things to know about the market this Thursday may 16.

President Donald Trump should refrain from imposing customs duties on imports of european cars and japanese for six months, according to the information. Bloomberg announced on Wednesday that an executive order is being drafted would give the EU and Japan for 180 days to agree to voluntary restrictions on imports.

However, the trade conflict with China intensified, the Department of Commerce, effectively prohibiting Huawei from selling network equipment for 5G in the United States, and introduces a new requirement for u.s. companies to get licenses to be able to resell the equipment.

The u.s. stock markets are preparing for an opening of contrasts, and are not willing to take more risks after the chinese data and the us showed retail sales and industrial production weaker than expected in April.

At 11.45 am, the three major indexes were up less than 0.1%, the Dow Futures were up 16 points, the Future on S&P 500 was up 3.5 points and Future Nasdaq 100 were up by 7 points.

The program of the quarterly results of the day will be focused on Walmart (NYSE: WMT), which must be published before the opening US.

Yields on us Treasury bonds have continued to fall, the escalation of the trade war with China, has led to the purchase of safe-haven securities. The yield of the benchmark bond of 10 years is now down to 2.16%.

This despite a publication of the Treasury yesterday, according to which China had carried out the dumping of the market Treasury bonds at the highest rate in two years in march, selling for $ 20.5 billion in net bonds. The sales that took place before the United States had completed a vast expansion of their import tariffs, will ease fears that China could actually “arming” its holdings of Treasury and forcing us interest rates to increase by dumping bonds on the market.

Oil prices have extended their recent gains because of the rising tensions in the Middle East and data showing a decline in gasoline inventories in the United States. Reports suggesting that Russia has still not solved the problem of oil contaminated transiting through its largest export pipeline to the european also support the prices.

The Future of the WTI crude Oil were to 62,44 per barrel at 12: 15 pm, while the benchmark international Brent was 72,14 per barrel. This is a gain of nearly$ 2 compared to their low point of Monday.

Earlier on Thursday, Saudi Arabia has formally accused the rebel Houthis are sponsored by Iran in Yemen to be responsible for the attacks on its facilities for export of oil earlier this week. Only two days passed before the representatives of OPEC, Russia and other oil-exporting countries will meet to discuss the state of the global oil market before we review formally their agreement to limit production the next month.

T. Rowe Price, one of the largest and oldest public investors of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), has sold most of its shares in the manufacturer of electric vehicles in the first quarter, according to information provided by the fund manager.

The company decreased its participation in shares of Tesla 8.9 million shares at the beginning of the year to just 1.7 million shares at the end of the month of march, according to a report from the stock exchange.

The new seems to leave Tesla more dependent on its army of private investors to sustain it financially, while trying to increase production and return to profitability.

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