To an output of a conflict at the Crossroads

“Pragmatism has triumphed. I am satisfied that we can get out of a blocked situation, which was good neither for the one nor for the other, ” said the World, Friday, April 6, Michel Enguelz, national delegate of FO at the Crossroads, to the following concessions on the part of the company, increasing the chances of success in the coming weeks with the signing of an agreement with the trade unions. After you have conducted strikes each side from the end of 2017, the trade unions FO, CFDT and CGT had organised a great day of mobilization history the 31 march, which had led to the blocking of some stores with, according to the management, 18 % of employees on strike.

These actions concern, in particular, the participation, was particularly sensitive to employees : after having been increased from 350 euros, against 57 euros initially, this will be complemented by a voucher of 150 euros to spend in the stores. A system which will inject revenue into the group. “We arrive at 557 euros per employee. It’s still 55 million euros have been obtained for 110 000 employees in France “, said Mr. Enguelz.

A time limit to the rental management of 5 stores

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