This year, the low point of the greece’s inflation in June

In greece inflation was as expected decrease in June, and this year’s lows.

The Greek statistics office on Monday reported, according to data, greece inflation annual analysts ‘ expectations, in accordance with 1,0 percent in June, the in may to 1.2 percent.

Monthly level and 0.6 percent was the price increase in June.

The Greek statistical office data of the operator to the european union countries inflation indices comparability ensure harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) is 0.9% annually in June, may’s 1.5 percent. Analysis of 1.2 percent in June data expected.

The inflation reduction reason predominantly food and non-alcoholic beverages 0.8 percent, and health products to 3.1 percent price reduction.

On Monday was published in the Greek industrial production for may data also: greece’s industrial production annual level of 2.2 percent analysts ‘ expectations over 5.4 per cent expansion in the year’s fifth month.

Last Friday approved the Greek rescue package next, to 8.5 billion euro tranche of the euro-area’s permanent rescue fund (ESM) after the common currency the eu member states ‘ finance ministers and the International monetary fund (IMF) recently reached agreement on the matter.

“The European Stability Mechanism’s board of directors approved the Greek bail-out third installment of” in the ESM on Twitter last Friday.

According to the information amount in several instalments will be paid: 7.7 billion euros on Monday, a further 800 million euros, and in September transferred to the Greek government to repay the maturing debts.

“It’s the economy intended to stabilise power of Greek efforts, recognition of means” – stressed the Pierre Moscovici-eu finance commissioner. Adds Athens for a key to be the job creation, investment and economic recovery.

Klaus Regling, the ESM managing director warned: Greece’s government “to continue this path for the competitive economy, rebuilding and the investor confidence in order to regain”.

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