Theresa May lack 9 the mandate to the majority and according to the survey from YouGov.

The british prime minister, Theresa May looks set to miss nine mandated to get its own majority in the lower house of parliament in elections next week.

It shows a measurement from the opinionsmätningsinstitutet YouGov as Reuters reports on Thursday.

In last Wednesday showed another survey from YouGov that it would be missing 16 mandate.

Yougov model shows that the conservatives, the Tories would win 317 seats, the opposition Labour party, 253 locations, and other parties the remaining 80 of the house of commons a total of 650 seats.

The pound fell sharply late on Friday after The Times newspaper reported the first estimate from the model, which surprisingly showed that the May missing 16 mandate to get the majority of 326 seats.

Other opinion polls the last 10 days have shown that the Tory lead over Labour reduced among the electorate, but it is uncertain how deep the downturn is because it depends on how likely it is that different age groups really go and vote.

YouGov update their modellmätning daily and state that they interviewed 6.858 potential voters on may 31 and 53.611 in the last week.

According to a compilation of opinion polls from leading institutions such as Bloomberg News has made however, it seems that Theresa May will manage to extend their majority in the house of commons.

A week before the election , six of the Uk’s best-known lobbying firms – ICB, Ipsos MORI, ComRes, Opinium, Survation and YouGov – agree that Theresa May is clearly better positioned to win than her main rival, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.

Five of the six institutions believe that the prime minister’s party will have a majority of at least 40 seats in the house of commons – a estimates show a majority of 200 seats.

The british electoral system with a majoritarian electoral system in single member constituencies, means that a party can win a large majority but to get the most votes because the elections are determined in approximately 100 nyckelvalkretsar.

Opinionsinstituten expect that fewer young, poor voters will vote, while the older, richer voters will go to the polls, which is expected to benefit the Tories.

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