There is a lack of pilot in the plane

A rain of commands, she will hit the air Show in Farnborough, which takes place from 16 to 22 July in the suburbs of London ? The expectations of the two leading manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing, does not allow, a priori, no doubt. On the occasion of the annual publication, at the beginning of July, his forecasts for the next twenty years, Airbus has demonstrated an unwavering optimism. Airbus Toulouse is predicted that by 2037 the world’s airlines will need 37 400 new aircraft.

Figures from Boeing, which will be communicated in the coming days, should not shower these hopes. It was just a year ago, the american manufacturer set already needs new aircraft of the airlines 34 900 devices. In total, the global fleet is expected to double in twenty years and be around 48 000 aircraft, according to Airbus. Two years ago, the manufacturer was only on a 42-500 aircraft in the world by 2036.

For Airbus and Boeing, the insatiable appetite of airlines lets hope for a real mother lode : not less than 5 800 billion (close to 5 000 billion euro). This future windfall is a minimum. Airbus admits willingly that he will show himself “more conservative than the market” in its forecasts. To be clear, the commands of the airlines could be even greater than his expectations.

With the rise of low-cost airlines, especially the aircraft medium-haul Airbus and Boeing that should constitute the bulk of sales. Purchases of aircraft from the A320 family account for 80 % of the order book of Airbus. In total, the single-aisle, the family of the Airbus A320 or the 737 from Boeing, are expected to represent up to 28 550 orders by 2037. If the aircraft manufacturer european, referring to the A320, already warns that it ” should have orders on the occasion of the Farnborough international air show “,…

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