The wharf renovations with seamless was the shipping on the Danube

The wharf renovations with seamless was the shipping on the Danube, ongoing dialogue with a resolve to always be a free port job, that can be approached, said Völner Pál, the ministry of Justice parliamentary state secretary of the Hungarian shipping national Association (MAHOSZ), president of MTI.

He added, managed interoperability you ensure to a minimum extent be impeding the shipping, in addition, the construction work is managed on time to close.

She reports that the MAHOSZ and the Person boatmen’s Association on Friday met with those companies, the leaders, representatives which have been involved in the wharf Tide bath from Margaret bridge-borne phase of investments. The associations thank, inter alia, the planners, the contractors, the investor’s capital, the specialist authorities, the bus companies, the transport companies and the sailors, all of us all the time open to the renovations.

The designer, for example, the additional operation aspects are also considered, the transport order is taken into account when designing and listening to the boat companies and bus companies raised below. This is significant, because the ship’s company every year, more than two million passengers to the tourism in the framework of the relevant section, and in the evening more than two thousand passengers transported in the ships. The traffic order is an exception of this kind of tourism, indirectly, and the companies operations would have endangered, thanks to this cooperation, we managed to work under to solve the boarding – said the MAHOSZ president.

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