The weather of the forex from 29 may to 2 June 2017

The forex can sometimes be difficult to grasp, especially for beginning traders it is why we now offer you every Friday on to popularize the subject by offering an article at the tone shifted somewhat.

This week, the british pound takes color relative to the u.s. dollar. If the pair has struggled to make progress up to Wednesday, it has then gained enough pips to finish well above its levels on Monday.

The us dollar had a good week compared to his canadian counterpart. After two days of declines, the pair has increased significantly until today. The current trend seems, however, start to decline.

The euro has a good performance compared to the pound sterling this week. If the increase has not been continuous, it is sufficient for the pair to finish well above its levels of last Monday.

Until yesterday, the USD was the perfect week against the japanese yen, but since then, the pair has literally plunged. She has lost almost 200 pips in just a few hours today.

The euro had a good week against the japanese yen. The pair has, indeed, made a lot of progress these last five days even if currently the trend is heavily bearish.

The euro also recorded a good performance this week against the u.s. dollar. The pair close, in fact, well above its levels of last Monday and the trend seems even more topical.

The australian dollar has started the week compared to its american counterpart, moving forward fifty pips. Unfortunately the australian currency has not been able to confirm and returned to lower. In the end, the pair finished in the same levels as last Monday.

It was a bad week for the euro against the swiss franc. Overall, the pair has declined but in the last few hours, the trend has accelerated sharply. The pair has, in fact, yielded almost 200 pips in a very short time.

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