“The victory by boredom” : the american press comments upon the hearing of the boss of Facebook

“The testimony boring Zuckerberg is a big win for Facebook,” The title of TechCrunch, a site of reference information on new technologies, summarizes well the state of mind of the press in the aftermath of the hearing of Mark Zuckerberg before the u.s. Senate, Tuesday, April 10.

The boss of Facebook was to explain to the wake of the scandal Cambridge Analytica, in which the data of 87 million users of the social network have been sucked by this company that specialized in political influence, and close to Donald Trump. A great oral to the historical challenges for Facebook and for its young leader.

Our analysis :

Under pressure from u.s. senators, Mark Zuckerberg is facing

“He was able to go to sleep in the Senate ”
“Mark Zuckerberg has described his script of apology, redéballé its list of new measures and has, overall, managed to fall asleep in the Senate. And this represents a success for Facebook. […] Half the time, Zuckerberg has simply paraphrased blog posts and statements he had already made. The other half of the time, it was vaguely explained how walked of the basic features of Facebook. ”

The journalist Josh Constine, acid, seems disappointed not to have ” learned nothing of the transcendent “. “The responses to repetitive Zuckerberg gives the impression that it does not remain large-thing to dig, whether it is true or not. “And he ends by :” The senators have not done their homework, but Zuckerberg, though. “

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