The U.S. is no longer a reliable partner under Merkel.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has signaled that Europe can no longer count on the united states as a reliable partner, something that reflects the tension that built up after two days of international meetings with the president, Donald Trump.

It reports the Financial Times (FT).

”The time when we could fully expect other is over, as I have experienced it the last few days… We europeans really need to take their fate into their own hands”, said Angela Merkel at a political meeting in Munich on Sunday.

She also said that the EU must prepare for a future without the united kingdom as well Brexit is clear.

”Of course we need to have friendly relations with the united states and the united kingdom, and with our other neighbours, including Russia”, said the chancellor, but added at the same time: ”we must fight for our future selves”.

The Financial Times notes that Angela Merkel’s comments go in line with a sense in the German leadership that the EU needs to be stronger. The newspaper notes that finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently told the FT that Germany’s priority must be ”to keep the rest of the EU without the Uk – as close together as possible”.

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