The tour Bretagne in Nantes, the presence of asbestos-gradient concerned employees

The tour Bretagne in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), building of 32 floors opened in 1976, asbestos, a material highly carcinogenic spotted in this building for almost a year, continues to disrupt the lives of some 800 civil servants and private employees who work there. This survey had highlighted the presence of asbestos deteriorated, especially in areas of ducts smoke extraction system, which are actuated in case of fire. This material, if it is degraded, presents a great danger because its fibers, highly volatile, can be inhaled. However, a new tracking the conclusions of which were transmitted on January 31, the trade unions shows that” there is a lot more material asbestos containing and asbestos is more degraded in some places that what had been found previously, ” said Emeline Briantais, representative of the trade union South-the ministry of Labour.

Among the occupants of the tower, on account of the agents of the regional Directorates for companies, competition, consumption, work and employment (Direccte), a good number of labour inspectors, well aware of the hazards of this material. To avoid these, it is necessary to either encapsulate or remove the asbestos.

Since the identification of march 2017, no final solution has been put in place. In the Face of a direction considered to be ” inert “, the intersyndicale CGT-FSU-South of the ministry of labour called the officers to a general meeting on Thursday 7 February.

With the new statement, everything is questioned

“For me, the exercise of the right of withdrawal of the agents is not excluded “, said Fabrice Ramirez, secretary of the union CGT-Work of Loire-Atlantique. Already, at the end of June 2017, most of the agents of the ministry of labour had exercised this right. This has led management to make a surfactage, consisting of the laying of a sort of varnish which holds the asbestos fibers. The management, believing that the measurements of the air were…

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