The third life of the start-up Withings, which was acquired by its founder

In these offices, Issy-les-Moulineaux, on the outskirts of Paris, almost nothing has changed, these past two years. Even decoration of scandinavian-inspired, gray sofa identical to the reception, and the name of Withings, known for its scales connected, still adorns the entrance. On some of the walls continues and the logo of Nokia, ephemeral owner of the former star of the French Web.

Nearly four months after his return in the walls, Eric Carreel, its founder, is proud to relaunch this brand, which has almost disappeared. Withings has announced on Tuesday 18 September the launch of a new watch connected “multisport” 199,95 euro. With a dial needle and a small digital screen, it comes with a GPS, measure the heart rate of its owner and evaluates its physical condition by estimating its oxygen consumption.

The project was already in the boxes of the start-up, which has lived for two years under the flag of finland. “It’s not a product in three months and a half,” admits Mr Carreel, happy to restart an adventure that was stopped in spite of himself.

“A Serial entrepreneur ”

In 2016, when Nokia buys Withings, it is against his agreement. “I didn’t want to sell,” he says. But the investment funds present in its capital, consider that the manufacture of consumer electronic products is a craft where you make evil his life, and where there is an intense price war waged by asian manufacturers. They jump on the proposal of the Finnish group.

During the first six months, everything is going well. Nokia invests. The marketing department has enormous budgets to advertise on tv and lead the change of brand, which should lead to the disappearance of Withings and the emergence of Nokia in the health products.

But very quickly, the transgressions of policy. The heads valsent in the company. In February 2016, leaks…

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