The Telegram Evening : a new appointment info local-18: 30

The Telegram is launching this week a new appointment info Evening and enriching its digital offering.

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Available in the application of the Telegram and on its website, The Telegram Evening offers, through stories, photos, videos … we go to meet those who do live in their cities, the Britain daily.

Culture, agriculture, digital, travel, history, gastronomy, economy, ecology, sea, earth… Every day at 18.30, Monday to Friday, the editorial features a selection of articles that paint a portrait of a Britain that is dynamic, innovative, and relate the initiatives in our territories.

The Telegram Evening is free of charge to subscribers. During the launch period, the mobile users and internet users can receive one month of free play.

About the Group Telegram
The Group Telegram publishes in Britain, the daily Telegram, 6th French regional newspaper, and sold over 200,000 copies (OJD). It brings together every day more than 100,000 viewers (CSA and Médiamétrie) on its 2 tv channels, and displays nearly 3 million unique visitors per month on (Xiti).
The Group Telegram has extended the services to the companies, beyond its governed Viamédia, through a complete offer for advertisers : site of job ads with RégionsJob – first-job-board French private-hearing – communication services with the agencies Rivacom and Phileas.

The Group Telegram has diversified since more than 10 years in the creation and the organization in France of sporting events with Pen Duick and cultural C2G (in association with Morgane Group), and now internationally with OC Sport.

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