The strike of the SNCF boosted “cars Macron” in the spring

It was to be expected, but it’s still impressive. The strike beaded that occurred during the second quarter of a very large number of trains has benefited largely to the ” cars Macron “. “With 2.4 million passengers carried, the attendance home has made a leap of 43% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. An increase unprecedented since 2016, which translates into a quarterly revenue of eur 36.2 million excluding tax, up 40 %, ” says the regulatory Authority of railway operations and road (Arafer), the regulator of the sector, in a press release published Monday, September 24.

According to the independent Authority, ” the operators of cars long distance, have done their best quarter since liberalisation (as of 2015), both in terms of attendance and sales. “This is historic,” provided, in effect this summer, Isilines, a subsidiary of Transdev. Flixbus felt ” the progress of bookings to 60 % on average over the whole network, compared to the same period last year.”

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Same satisfaction in Ouibus. “Compared to 2017, we have carried 50 % more passengers in more, confirms Roland de Barbentane, the CEO of the subsidiary of the SNCF group. This helped us discover our offer to many travellers. And word-of-mouth has worked well. The summer has been in the continuity, with the rate of filling, unpublished, rose 10 points, to 75 % in average ! ”

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