The storytelling has more impact than direct marketing : Babbel is launching two new TV spots

Thursday, June 1, Babbel is launching two new advertising spots. The company relies on the enormous success it has met with its new brand strategy.

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At the end of last year, Babbel has indeed given a whole new orientation to its business strategy by : step away from the sales pitches pure and hard to make room for the storytelling and make the emotions in the first place. It is as well to inspire in each one the desire to learn a new language. This change bold has already begun to bear fruit. Our new advertising campaign, designed by the Brand Team of Babbel in collaboration with the renowned agency Wieden + Kennedy, won a victory far more important than the previous campaigns, which focused on the integration of call-to-action.

The first two commercials, aimed at the learning of English and French, were published for the first time in the fall of 2016 and have given the kick-off to this new marketing strategy. The two new spots, this time concern the Spanish and the Italian. They put in scene, with a lot of humor, and a bit of provocation, and the benefits that it has to speak a foreign language. The protagonists find themselves in particularly difficult situations, inspired by scenes from famous movies, and eventually get out thanks to the language skills that Babbel has enabled them to acquire. We see and know only a little of the local language may be important, even vital.

“Our strategy has borne fruit,” said Arne Schepker, director of marketing at Babbel. “The inventiveness and relevance of the new advertising spots, prevail on the results obtained with the direct marketing and goes above and beyond, imposing a global brand across all of our markets. And this, in spite of a scenario of a duration of 27 seconds, with little call-to-action. In the last few months, we have seen a steady increase and sustainability of our organic traffic. This is reflected in the growing awareness of our brand, but also in our sales figures : we are developing more quickly than before. ”

The social media engagement has also increased since the launch of our campaign of integrated communication. The creative approach to storytelling, which aims to touch viewers, to involve them emotionally and not rationally, has had a strong impact. With these two new spots, Babbel continues its turnaround successful, abandoning the strategy of direct marketing to focus on the image of its brand in order to create a lasting impact.

Links to spots :

Learn Spanish with Babbel :

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About Babbel
Babbel is an application that helps you to speak a language as you have always dreamed of. When learning a language, there is nothing more gratifying than a real conversation. 73 % of users surveyed said that they would be able to have a conversation after you have used the app for five hours.

Founded in 2007, Babbel is the first application of language learning in the world. With over a million active users pay, it is the company that dominates the market for online language. Thanks to its built-in method of learning on mobile application (iOS, android, Web) and its current meticulously developed, Fast Company magazine has elected the most innovative enterprise in the field of education in the world.
All of the learning content is adapted to the mother tongue of the user and is based on a set of concrete situations that give the learner the means to speak from the beginning. At Babbel, what counts above all is the quality. A team of more than 450 persons of 39 different nationalities work every day to create the best learning experience possible. The application offers 8 500 hours of content ranging from basic conversation to language courses for business, and for 14 different languages.

The application is based on a method of learning recognized internationally and based on knowledge that is didactic, empirical, such as the communicative approach. This approach is enriched by the use of advanced technologies such as the method of spaced repetition that seeks to optimize the memorization of the vocabulary. All of the dialogue and audio clips made by native speakers, the users are really prepared and can engage confidently in conversations in a foreign language.

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