The State soon 100% shareholder of Areva SA

The official Journal was published Sunday, a decree authorising the transfer of shares between the CEA (Commissariat at the atomic energy and alternative energies) and the State, in the capital of the companies of the nuclear industry, French Areva SA and New Areva Holding company.

The decree of the ministry of Economy and Finance authorizes the transfer to the State by the ARB of two blocks of shares to 10.1% and 15.1% of the share capital of Areva SA.

At the conclusion of these disposals, the ARB will hold more titles Areva SA, while the State will hold a minimum participation of 92.2%, says the text.

The order authorises the other hand the State has to yield to the CEA 5.4% of the capital of New Areva Holding company, against payment by the ARB for consideration in shares of Areva SA. At the end of the operation, the State will own 50.2 per cent of the capital of New Areva Holding company.

The Areva group split into three entities

The restructuring of the nuclear industry, the French led to the creation of several entities: New Areva, focused on the fuel cycle and majority controlled by the State, a New NP, the branch of the reactors which will pass under the control of the EDF, and Areva SA, which retains only a few activities, mainly in the construction of the nuclear reactor Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) in Finland.

The State will soon be the whole of the share capital of Areva SA, via a squeeze-out procedure, and plans to withdraw the company’s listing on the Paris stock Exchange.

(With AFP)

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