The State kicks off privatization

The government is on the point of relaunch the privatisation. And ADP Group (ex-Paris Airports) is the first operation of its kind for Emmanuel Macron as the president of the Republic, have shown the World a number of sources, confirming information of BFM TV.

Saturday, march 10, during a ministerial meeting at Matignon, the prime minister Edouard Philippe must detail the final decisions of the government on the law Pact (action Plan for growth and business transformation), which will be presented on April 18, the council of ministers. In this framework, the government will give the kick-off of the disposals of the interests of several public companies.

In addition to the ADP group, in which the State holds 50.6 per cent, the fate of the Française des jeux (FDJ) will in principle be addressed. “We consider the opening of the capital of the JDF, while keeping the monopoly “, confirmed on Thursday, march 8, the minister of public action, Gérald Darmanin, on Sud Radio.

The participation of the State is valued at 8.7 billion euros

The new law could also allow the State to descend below the 33.3% of the voting rights in Engie, in order to continue its sale of securities. On the other hand, the sale of the 15 % held in Renault is not on the agenda, has said on Wednesday Bercy after that Reuters has referred to discussions between the State and Nissan on the subject.

For the State, the privatization of the most interesting, and most anticipated, relates to the ADP group. “In the law Covenant, an article will allow the government to increase its shareholding in ADP under the threshold of 50 %, indicates a source in Bercy. The decision in principle was taken. “The precise modalities of the transaction will be arrested later. “It must take a lot of precautions on the subject, warns a good connoisseur of the folder. Before privatizing a monopoly, it is necessary to…

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