The State is in start-up mode

This Wednesday, at noon exactly, like every week, a crowd of about fifty people gathered in a room anonymous of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Standing – this is the – rule, each of them has a minute, not a second more, to describe the progress of the project, the difficulties encountered or successes enjoyed.

Has every word of encouragement more or less fed greet the speaker, to the american. This time, the palm of the amount of applause goes to Léry Jicquel, a quadra this for the first time : “I’m here to announce the creation of the first start-up of the Court of accounts ! “The institution of the rue Cambon will put in place a tool to simplify the exchange of documents at its controls…

This scene surprisingly does not take place in a giant lobby of paris teeming with start-up, or in one of the many places dedicated to the digital ecosystem, but at 20, avenue de Ségur, in one of these buildings to the austere years of the 1930s, which used to house the French administration. It is there that is installed, under the leadership of the Directorate inter-departmental and digital information system and communication of the State (Dinsic), a true community of public officials, developers, and ” coaches “, whose objective is to develop digital public service thanks to an agile methodology – hence the name of the ” start-up State “.

In total, some sixty of these seedlings have already flowered, in the Dinsic, but also to Pôle emploi, in three departments, and even in the province. They bring digital solutions to problems as diverse as the dematerialization of procedures, the organisation of school trips, the centralization of the command of the taxis or even the sharing of experience on the classes of twelve students,… But, beyond that, they prefigure a new way of thinking about the State and its…

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