The State calls The Post office to do better with less

Ensure that the universal postal service, to contribute to the development of the territory, to carry the news and make the bank accessible to all : for these four major public service missions that the legislature has entrusted to The Position, the State has not set the bar very high for the next five years.

This is what appears in the draft of the contract between the State and the postal operator for the period 2018-2022, of which The World has obtained a copy, and which will be voted on 18 December by the board of directors of the group, for application by 1 January 2018.

In a difficult period for the public group, has been hit hard by the digital wave, by the fall of structural of its business mail and by an environment of low interest rates, the government would like the operator to do better with less. The preamble of the roadmap underscores that these public service missions ” cannot be assessed independently of the financial situation of the group, to which the State is attentive “.

The development of the territory

The group, required to provide a postal service to the population, has the legal obligation to maintain at least 17 000 points of contact on the territory. To fulfill this mission, The Station has already largely adapted its network. Thus, on the 17 of 133 points of contact identified at the end of 2016, only 52 % are post offices ; the others are points of sale ” in partnership “, installed in town halls, in merchants, or tobacconists. It is expected to amplify this movement. “New types of partnerships will be sought “, says the text, citing the train stations or tourism offices, called, tomorrow, to sell from basic postal services.

Post offices are also called to transform. By the end of 2017, the 500 will become a ” house services to the public “, offering, in addition to stamps and parcels,…

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