The start-up in the jungle of aid to innovation

The thirty hardly, Gonzaga Gridel already done the round of tv shows to present his start-up, MIP Robotics, and industrial robots. Three years ago, this graduate of the Edhec, a top French business school, has left a comfortable job at Credit mutuel to launch into entrepreneurship. “I had met an engineer who wanted to start robots at low costs for SMES,” says the budding entrepreneur. Three years later, the dream became a reality. Crafted in his production workshop in Bagnolet, its robots to less than 10 000 euros made to automate the repetitive tasks have already conquered their first customers.

If Gonzaga Gridel was able to begin, it is first thanks to the great yarrow grants for innovation available in the Hexagon. Very quickly, the two friends raise their 340 000 euros of public money to complete a first round of private investors. “Money is the sinews of war to recruit its first employees,” says the boss of MIP Robotics. Thank you the State !

The emergence of Elon Musk tricolor

Loans, grants, repayable advances, grants for innovation, equity, tax advantages, France spends each year 10 billion euros of public money in the field, or half a point of GDP. In the eyes of the government, innovation is crucial to maintain the competitiveness of French companies in the globalization. In the mind of the president, Emmanuel Macron, the start-up by means of technological breakdown, must renew the old industries françaises in loss of speed.

It is in this context that the minister of economy and finance, Bruno Le Maire, has announced, on 15 January, the creation of a new fund dedicated to innovation and with a capital of 10 billion, will inject every year, 260 million euros of grants in the ” disruptive innovations “….

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