The social partners, to advance reforms ?

As the content of social reforms becomes clear, union leaders and employer groups are more likely to feel an unpleasant feeling : that of being relegated to the status of running – even a trophy wife. Two folders are fueling their bitterness : the transformation of unemployment insurance and vocational training, which will, de facto, lead to a takeover by the State of devices within which the organizations of employers and employees occupied, up to the present, a position of cardinal. This is a turning-point, fully assumed by the executive.

Muriel Pénicaud has also been expressed with sharpness, a few days ago, in an interview in the daily Opinion : “each person Has their role,” quipped the minister of labour. She said, in a more direct way, in an interview published shortly after by The weekly le Point : “The public interest rests with the government and the Parliament elected by the people, even if they don’t have the monopoly. To reach it, sometimes it is necessary to push the intermediate bodies. “And add :” It is a question of sharing between social democracy and political democracy. ”

A rhetoric course, in phase with the doctrine of the president of the Republic : “It is each to its place, we are not in a logic of co-management,” says one at the Elysee. We have indicated to the partners on what we were committed. We believe we are custodians of the general interest. “

Supervision of the public authorities

At the present time, the unemployment insurance is managed by Unédic, an association paritaire that the employers and the trade unions copilotent. They negotiate, at regular intervals, of the “conventions” to fix the terms of compensation of job applicants, while ensuring financial stability of the plan. Problem : since the crisis of 2008, the Unédic…

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