The SNCF ordered to pay for the days of rest of the strikers

The SNCF was ordered to pay the rest days of the strikers, announced Thursday, June 21, the lawyers of the trade unions, which had referred the matter to the justice. The trade union organisations challenged the decision of the company to recognize, in the context of deductions from wages related to the strike days, the days of rest attached to the non-work days, the group refused to settle in considering it as a single movement of the 18 episodes of two days of strike action on five.

The tribunal de grande instance (TGI) of Bobigny also considers that “the system operated” by SNCF is an ” interference with the right to strike “. The court notes, inter alia, “intent to neutralize the strategy of the trade union organizations” characterized in a mail “of march 23, 2018” of the directorate of human resources. The direction of the SNCF declares, on his side, that she “takes note of the judgement rendered by the tribunal de grande instance de Bobigny” and that it ” will appeal this decision.”

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