The SNCF legacy : the families of railway workers discuss the end of a world

It is a feeling of incomprehension, of weariness, even disgust. For the past three months, the “SNCF bashing” has continued to intensify. “When I went to the library, three weeks ago, I was assaulted because I was cheminote,” says, still taken aback, Séverine Jernasz, 38 years old, and is installed near Strasbourg. “Even the kids squabble in the courtyard of the school on this subject ! “notes his brother, Gilles Dentonvill, 33 years old, commercial and trade union, UNSA, to the SNCF. Their father, Denis, 62 years, also of the great house, did not return : “In a few years, the image of the railway has deteriorated at great speed ! ”

Has Somain, former stronghold railway in the north of France, this is the same observation, bitter, for the family Poulain-Tosolini. “When someone rail against the delays to the station or against the railwaymen, that after literally inside,” winces Claudette Foal, 63-year-old, granddaughter, daughter, wife and mother of a railroader ! “In the years 1960 or 1970, it was a source of pride to be a railroader. This profession was respected. Today, we are faced with a vast contempt, plague Christian, 63 years old, her husband, driver of freight in retirement.

The extinction of the statute for the new recruits, which is part of railway reform desired by the government, causes despondency : “You could see [the statute], why end it ? asks, annoyed, Fabian Tosolini, 39, railroader now seconded to the CFDT. Our status, this is not just a thick book of rules, it is a part of our identity ! “”It is what connects us to each other,” says Gilles Dentonvill. In Alsace, in the North, in Britain or elsewhere, we are railroaders with the same rights and duties. And the status is the guarantee of this equity. ”

The ” lords of the rail ”

When the railroad runs…

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