The Senate is in competition with the government on the reform of railway

It hurtles to reform the rail in France ! Wednesday, 28 march, senator (Union centre) in the Eure, Hervé Maurey, will present before the plenary of the Upper house, a bill concerning the opening to competition of rail transport of passengers, itself a competitor of the project “new deal train” carried by the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, and the minister of transport, Elizabeth Terminal.

Now, in the face of an opposition union to the reform of the SNCF, was open, to Emmanuel Macron, a front of the senate more unexpected. The parliamentarians have found a way to counter the mechanics of the orders sought by the executive and bear, before the meetings, a debate, article by article, of which the power would have gone well. It is also an opportunity to wash what has been experienced by the elect of the Nation as an affront to the legislature.

“I was surprised – and more than that – to learn that the government had decided to reform by orders, fulminates Hervé Maurey, who is also the chairman of the commission of spatial planning and sustainable development. Elizabeth Merely had assured me that our proposal, presented on 6 September, [2017], would be a vehicle of legislative reform. At his request, I agreed to waive the inclusion of this text in January, in order to wait for the conclusions of the report-cyril Spinetta. How not to see in this turnaround, a complete disregard of the Senate and the Parliament ? “

“A true debate is needed ”

“To justify the ordinances, the government invokes the need to move quickly,” says Mr. Maurey. [It] has a text that is ready, and has even been validated by the State Council. It may go faster than with the orders. That it can grasp ! “

“On such a subject, a true debate is needed,” says the senator. Sixty amendments to our…

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