The sanctioning vote of the employees grows, the chief executive officer of Air France-KLM to the resignation

A snub ! A great and unpleasant surprise Air France, 55,44 % of the 46 771 employees of the company have answered no, Friday, may 4, on the occasion of the consultation organized by the directorate. A score without a call carried by a strong participation (80,33 %). The staff have overwhelmingly rejected the pay deal proposed on 16 April by the management of the company.

Jean-Marc Janaillac, chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM, which had put his post at stake in this election, has pulled immediately the consequences of this negative vote. “I take responsibility for the consequences of this vote, and I will in the next few days my resignation to the boards of directors of Air France and Air France-KLM “, he said, the mine is dark and the voice white. “Thirteen-day strike and more than two months of conflict have weakened Air France, compromising its performance and its future. It is a huge mess who cannot help but rejoice at our competitors, weaken our alliances and confuse our teams. “

In practice, his departure should be recognised at the occasion of the group’s board of directors, scheduled for 9 may. An exit by the little door for Jean-Marc Janaillac, who at 65 years of age, did not rule out, a few hours before the outcome of the vote, to be sent into premature retirement. “I could. I have the age “, he agreed on Friday.

Strikes may 7 and 8

For their part, the ten organizations that make up the inter-union of Air France relish their victory. Sandrine Techer, secretary of that section of the Syndicat national du personnel navigant commercial (SNPNC), said he was ” delighted with the result and the rate of participation.” Philippe Evain, president of the national Union of airline pilots (SNPL), is pushing for a phew of relief.

The boss of the drivers, that some wanted to see contested even in its own ranks, admits to having ” a moment doubted that the employees manage to get out of this weather…

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