The recruitment of executives are on the rise, even for beginners

“The recruitment in France, in which we are concerned, this is 12 700 people in 2017. Are expected to 13 500 by 2018 “, welcomes Chantal Gaemperle, director of human resources and synergies, LVMH group, the firm favorite of the young graduates of business schools for years. The improvement in economic conditions is confirmed beyond the luxury giant. In 2017, the number of employees in the private increased 1.5 % year on year. Even industrial employment has returned to growth : the fourth quarter of 2017 has recorded its first increase for the past seventeen years.

The recruitment of young graduates is logically oriented upward. “The number of hires of executives should be between 248 000 and 271 000, an increase of 3 % to 13 % year on year,” says the Association for employment of executives (APEC), with a perspective of 276 000 hiring managers in the horizon 2020.

And from 2018, the young graduates will begin to take advantage of the recovery as soon as the output of the school. According to the 11 000 in private sector companies surveyed by the AUTUMN, between October and December 2017, 47 500 to 53 000 hires young graduates, beginners (less than one year of experience) are scheduled for the year 2018, or nearly 20 % of the total volume of recruitments.

72% of the recruitments in the services

All sectors are looking for frames, but the service door 72 % of recruitment, with 180 000 196 600 hires for 2018, up from 4% to 14 % year on year.

In terms of activities, the frames are first expected in the computer (21 % of hires), in studies, research and development (R&D, 19 % of hires) and in sales and marketing (17 %, between 43 000 and 46 000 anticipated, almost the same as in 2017). “The largest increase is expected to be that of the computer that will reach 20 % growth,” said APEC.

Beginners are especially desired in computer science…

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