The Puces de Saint-Ouen, anger against the online auction of some of the objects

Market Paul-Bert – Serpette, the largest concentration of antiques dealers at the puces de Saint-Ouen, a part of 350 merchants is the wind standing against the owner of the place, Jean-Cyrille Boutmy. The reason for their wrath, the partnership established “without consultation” with the auction house Millon to sell online auction items entrusted by some of the exhibitors at the market. The latter will present from 9 to 11 November the works on their stand, before dispersing, on November 12 to 18 hours, through the site

The merchants who play the game do not have to pay a fee to the seller. Buyers will, however, pay a fee of 16.5 %, excluding taxes. “On the market as a whole, there are 150 000 objects. The idea is to sell online a few hundred lots. This is the event to get people to come “, says Jean-Cyrille Boutmy, who wishes to test the operation on four month with a program of four to eight sales. “Paul-Bert – Serpette does not have to become a branch of Millon,” replied the merchant, Cyril Grizot, in an email sent to his colleagues. They want us to believe that this will boost our sales and we give more importance on the international scene, but, in reality, it is going to blow our business and we take even more market share. “

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Sell at auction, is this not an admission of weakness for a merchant ? “It is rather an opportunity,” says the antique dealer Myriam Lallemand, who has decided to put on sale eight objects estimated to be between 300 and 2,000 euros. For Alexandre Millon, the operation ” marks the end of hypocrisy “. And to add : “sales of specialty auctions are mounted to 20% or even 50 % with goods from professionals. “The opponents don’t hear from that ear. “If we spent our time to sell at auction, why do we continue to pay rents of more and more outrageous, [between 500 and 2 000 euros per month] to take stands three days per week ? “says a shopkeeper who wishes to remain anonymous.

The refractory fear finally, as a diversion from their files buyers. “The customers who will buy through PBS Auction are especially our customers, pounds Cyril Grizot. If they are in our aisles, is that they are not in the auction halls or behind a computer. “This controversy reflects wider malaise. Despite their undeniable tourist attraction, the chips are no longer a dream as before. “We are in a market that is less dynamic, indicates the merchant, Frederick Cordin, a specialist in ancient weapons, which has decided to participate in the operation. We lived a lot on the Friday and the Monday. Today, there are more people these days, except for merchants. The walks in the chips are becoming scarce. “

The critics fear, however, that the auction sales are accelerating this movement, and the bullets, emptied of their substance, become the prey of the promoters. “Saint-Ouen will host the village of the olympic Games in 2024, a new hospital by 2025. The city attracts a lot of people, it is easy to access. How many apartments can you build on a lot like Paul-Bert – Serpette ? “, is concerned about an antique dealer. “Conspiracy theory, replica Jean-Cyrille Boutmy, who has bought the Paul-Bert – Serpette for about 30 million euros in 2014. The chips are classified to their atmosphere. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to shave, and it is not my desire. “



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