The press anglo-saxon “remarks on the” mea-culpa-but-not-too ” – Mark Zuckerberg

His speech was expected, but it is far from having silenced the critics. Nearly a week after the investigations by the Guardian and the New York Times, which revealed on 17 march that the data of several tens of millions of users Facebook had been logged, without their knowledge, by Cambridge Analytica, a british firm close to Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg has explained, Wednesday, march 21, through a message, Facebook, and several media interviews. An intervention that has left the press anglo-saxon – even though they are usually benevolent toward the founder of the famous social network – on its hunger.

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The american magazine Wired reports, as well as the “tour of apology” from the boss of Facebook ” takes on the good old “mea-culpa-but-not-too” “the firm, recalling that Mark Zuckerberg had in 2016 called the” idea quite insane ” the fact that false information could affect the results of the us presidential election. This time, he spoke of the mistakes of the past and condemned Cambridge Analytica, while stressing that the rules of use for third-party companies had been strengthened since 2014, at the time of the siphoning of data by the british company :

“It is reasonable, but the big question is whether Facebook has a responsibility in having allowed the actors ill-intentioned like Cambridge Analytica bloom. “

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