The Position has been heavily condemned for sexual and moral harassment

The Post office has been ordered to pay more than a total of 126,000 euros to the victim, including € 30,000 for sexual harassment, 25,000 eur for moral harassment and € 10,000 for non-compliance with the safety obligation of the employer, detailed in the AFP Maude Beckers, his lawyer. The court also ruled that the legal termination of his contract due to the fault of The Post, and the posting of the judgment in all establishments of the group. “Heavy sentences”, “this is a judgment extremely satisfactory”, welcomed Me, Beckers.

“It has been three years where I was humiliated, I was taken away my dignity, today the tribunal has made”, said to AFP Emmanuelle E., who has dared to speak of the facts that she has suffered until 2015, for fear of repercussions on their employment. “It’s a beautiful victory,” and “an encouragement for other women who have never dared to speak,” says Noura Damerval of the union SUD PTT, which has supported Emmanuelle E. throughout the procedure.

Hired to The Post in 2001, for his first job, Emmanuelle E. “has very quickly been the victim of her supervisor who was sexually harassing” and tried “to rape her on two occasions” in 2014, ” explains the lawyer. Treatment Agent package, it goes by the accidents of labour, and in 2015, so she wants to change positions and undergoes in return “the pressure” from his superiors, finally decided to report the matter to his management.

Disciplinary proceedings

Following an internal investigation, The Post office promises him that his supervisor is going to “suffer a penalty,” said Maude Beckers, instead of what is “organized his retirement”. “They have completely covered up at the end,” said the lawyer. Today, if attempts of rape are prescribed, Emmanuelle E. has also filed a criminal complaint against her supervisor for sexual harassment.

Obtaining in 2016 for recognition in occupational disease had already been “a first victory”, says the thirty-year-old off for the past three years for depression, which remains prudent: “The Post office may be appealed, so this is not yet the time to rejoice”.

At the hearing in early march, the lawyer of The Post office had recognised that Emmanuelle E. had undergone gestures, while challenging the responsibility of the group.

Contacted by AFP, The Post office did not wish to comment on the court decision. At the conclusion of the internal investigation, “the person concerned has been immediately suspended and a disciplinary procedure has been initiated”, she said.

(with AFP)

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