The Position and the boon of e-commerce

The 70 000 factors assigned to the mail to deliver more and more parcels, supported also by more than 1,500 drivers. This activity – with the flagship offering Colissimo (ex-ColiPoste), reinstated in 2014, in the activity email in order to create synergies between mail and parcels, is growing since two years, but she still weighs only 318 million parcels by 2017 (+ 8,1 %) for a turnover of € 1.7 billion (excluding GeoPost), or 15.3 % of revenues in the branch “services-mail-parcels” (compared with 57.9 % for the e-mail relationship).

Should we be pessimistic, so that the packets are far to compensate for the drop letters ? “Not fully, qualifies the economist Joëlle Toledano. First, because the number of packages increases strongly with e-commerce. Then, because apparently the French are not angry with the paper, as evidenced by the stability of prospectus premises. “

400 million packages delivered in 2020

The Post, which is expected to achieve 400 million packages delivered by 2020, has been riding on the wave of shopping on the Internet that practice, according to Médiamétrie, 37.4 million people in France – where e-commerce has generated 81.7 billion euros of revenue in 2017 (+ 14.3% in a year), according to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling. On average, The Post office delivers 1 million packages a day and drivers have more in their tours.

But the battle of the last mile of the parcel express is in full swing (Amazon, eBay, Parcel, Private, Neopress Direct…), and the subsidiary, GeoPost – part of which is Chronopost – goes up to deliver the Sunday, while reducing the return to the sub-contract. The fact remains that the parcel of e-commerce are still in France for the regulation of the Arcep, except for the boxes of pre-postage and the parcel sold to the unit at The Post office. Outside the scope of the universal service, it is the law of the strongest.

At international level, with…

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