“The policy of quotas does not unblock the careers of women “

The wage gap between men and women begin at the entrance on the labour market. For Jean-François Amadieu, professor of management sciences at Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne and director of the Observatory of discrimination, as long as you consider that it is up to women to reconcile professional and personal life, the inequality will continue.

In the Face of wage inequality can we really talk about discrimination ?

Jean-François Amadieu.- When women are oriented towards sectors less remunerative and choose in the same industry the companies that pay less than others, it is a phenomenon that changes the equality of chances, but this is not discrimination in the sense strictly legal. On the 14.4 per cent of the wage gap (full-time equivalent) men-women (identified by the Insee in 2014, 3.4 percentage points can be explained only by the fact that women go into lower paying, and not necessarily because they have been prevented from going elsewhere.

The bulk of the margin progression will be the choice by women in sectors, sub-sectors and occupations that pay the most

That a majority of young girls choose human resources rather than finance, this is not discrimination. In contrast, the wage gap between men and women recognized in the hiring and emerged in the course of the careers, glass ceilings and salary scales against women constitute discrimination against which we must fight.

How to explain that wage discrimination persists ?

In the development of career frameworks, there is a double phenomenon of restriction of access – the famous glass ceiling – and negotiation skills different between women and men. As long as we consider that it is up to women to reconcile work and life…

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