The people of Monsanto, the multinational agrochemical

No dragon in sight in the azure blue sky. The lair of the “devil” seems quiet in this end of winter. The lawns of tender green, and the water that flows into gentle cascades overlook even the allure of a japanese garden at the us headquarters of Monsanto, in St. Louis, Missouri. We did not expect such serenity. The infamous reputation of the multinational specialist of pesticides and GMOS, dubbed “MonSatan” by environmental activists, rather refers to caricatures frightening, like those of the witch who tends a poisoned apple to Snow White, or the dr. Frankenstein working in his lab on the nights of the full moon. And then, a-t-on idea to install his HEADQUARTERS, also zen, in a locality in the name scary of Creve Coeur ? The imagination has gone astray but quickly, on-site, the actual may resume its rights.

The journey was not simple to organize : the firm chaired by Hugh Grant is wary of the World. In march 2017, the journal has begun to reveal the contents of the ” Monsanto Papers “, thousands of pages of internal documents made public by the american courts in the context of ongoing trials. One learns how the company has undertaken to disparage the agency of the united Nations against cancer, march 20, 2015, at the contrary of the regulatory institutions the european, has classified glyphosate, the pesticide most used of the planet and marketed by the company under the brand name Roundup, “a probable carcinogen” to humans. Neither denial nor a right of reply will only be sent to the editor. Just a heavy silence.

To live in hiding to trade happy

Ideally, the group of St. Louis would like to live in hiding to trade happy, but redeem it by June by the German Bayer did not give him little leisure – business is business. The merger is expected to preserve the margins of two monsters, so that agricultural prices remain low. Authorized by the Commission…

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