The pay slip is it more clear ?

Question of social right. In February 2016, the public authorities have defined a new model said to be “clarified” presentation of the pay slip, which was codified by two decrees dated may 9, and December 7, 2017. It is even expected, to date, two templates, one for salaried, non-executives and one for managers. Since 1 January, all companies must comply with this new model.

The contributions must be grouped by ” family of risk covered “. The contributions insurance for accidents at work and occupational disease does not pose a particular problem. It is the same for the family benefit, if it is not that they are, as the benefits diseases basic and unemployment, financed in part (and in the future more and more) by the social contribution generalizes (CSG). The topic of unemployment insurance includes in addition to this insurance, wage guarantee which the function is any other.

The simplification is in fact limited. The contributions to health insurance and pension insurance will include sub-headings, general system of social Security and insurers are additional requirements, but the texts are not clear on the issue of membership to the prospective insurer optional additional.


And specific lines remain : two lines of CSG, the non-taxable and one which, with the CRDS, the is. The other contributions are the sole responsibility of the employer (arduous, training, etc.) also have their input. In addition to, for those who receive them, the deductions of securities-restaurant, and the withholding tax on the payment of transport, just as – and this is a novelty – the total amount of possible exemptions and exemptions from social security contributions.

the new paystub can generate difficulties of proof for the employee in the event of litigation, including court

The pay slip must also…

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