The order of Malta France celebrates 90 years #SansFanfare with Miss Scarlett (Makheia Group)

90 years of charitable work at the service of the most fragile

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The Order of Malta, France, recognized as a public utility, is committed every day in France and internationally, through its thousands of employees and volunteers, for helping the vulnerable. Of the care provided to the most vulnerable, the first aid during attacks, by way of accompanying refugees and who are most excluded, the mission of the Order of Malta France to “Do more but especially better” lasts for 90 years and continues more than ever on all fronts

90 years #SansFanfare
The Order of Malta France sets the tone with a communication device primarily based on a principle of ” non-commemoration “, an event ” without fanfare “, as it still remains to be done in favour of the most vulnerable. It is the demonstration of the actions rather than the expression of good intentions or great speech ! Finally, and most importantly, it pays tribute to the actions carried out by the volunteers and employees of the Order of Malta France, working every day with the world’s poor ! An anniversary that reminds us how indispensable it is to host, to rescue and protect those who are weakened by life. This campaign is launched on June 1, through a device tv and digital (web site dedicated and social networks)

Behind each note a story
Even so, this posture, without fanfare, does not exclude the sharing of strong emotions, and positive and play the famous music notes ” Happy birthday “. A film anniversary original mixes sounds and actions and invites us to discover, behind each note, one of the 9 stories that are done on the ground, camera in hand. This series of 9 portraits of field teams and beneficiaries tell their daily life is often difficult and gives a reading down-to-earth, contemporary, and non-bound guilt on. “For the last 4 years, the smiles, the gestures and the glances of the people we met in the street feed me and I try to help alleviate the suffering and restore hope ! “Claire, 25 year old nurse by day, volunteer by night.

In the Face of all the injustice, the urgency to act
This powerful time is also the opportunity to remind people that donations are needed more than ever to continue to rescue, care for, support vulnerable people and to train their caregivers.

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