The Orange mobile network accompanies the holidaymakers for a connected

Orange invests in the mobile network where it matters most to its customers. As every summer, the massive movement of French need to adapt and strengthen networks to meet the uses the growing mobile internet of holiday makers.

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In fact, a study by Kantar TNS for Orange shows that the connection is not only a habit it would be hard to pass, it also contributes to the success of the holiday. For one French person out of two, it is complicated, if not impossible, to consider a holiday without an internet connection.

The Orange network for a summer, connected(1), that is :

5 LGV including 3 new high-speed lines covered in 4G from the 13th of July
24 highways covered in 3G with 5 also 4G
More than 400 resorts and 95 stations of the mountain covered in 4G
A large number of tourist sites and summer events connected to 4G
In rural areas, 72% of the population now covered by 4G
3 new HSLS in 4G : Paris-Tours – Bordeaux, Paris-Le Mans-Rennes and Paris-Lille

From the 13th of July, Orange covers three new high-speed lines. Paris-Tours-Bordeaux, Paris-Le Mans-Rennes and Paris-Lille will be opened in 4G and continuous (excluding tunnels). This complements the lines Paris-Lyon and Lyon-Marseilles already covered in 4G since February of 2016 and February 2017. The Eurostar also benefits from the 4G Orange, and up to the exit of the Tunnel under the English Channel, in the direction Paris-London.

24 highways in 3G or 4G

Orange continues to improve the quality of the mobile network on the motorway network. The latest highway covered in 4G is the A7 ” motorway of the sun “, which connects Lyon to Marseille.

19 highways are covered in 3G to 98% : A4, A6, A8, A9, A10, A11, A13, A22, A33, A35, A41, A43, A48, A50, A57, A61, A62, A63 and A64.

5 highways are also covered in 4G : A1, A7, A21, A23, and A86 (excluding tunnels).

More than 400 resorts and 95 mountain resorts 4G

Once arrived at their vacation spot, Orange customers can take advantage of the 4G at the beach in 28 new resort, opened in the summer of 2017. What are 404 resorts in France that are covered by Orange 4G.
Between 17 July and 12 August, eight resorts will be led by Orange with the Relax Summer Tour 4G, a device roaming entertainment and fun workshops.
And for those who prefer the mountain, the 4G Orange is available in 95 stations.

Nearly 100 tourist sites in 4G

The 4G Orange is deployed on a hundred tourist sites : le Mont Saint-Michel, the castles of the Loire, the wine route in Alsace, the Dune of Pilat, Saint-Tropez…

The network of festivals of the summer

The summer events are the opportunity to trade massive photos, and videos.
More than 150 events such as the Avignon Festival, the Festival des Vieilles Charrues, les Francofolies, Eurockéennes, etc., are covered by Orange this summer with the installation of temporary facilities and the optimisation of network capacity.

The 4G campaign

A vacation is also to go to the countryside. Orange has chosen to accelerate the deployment of 4G in the communes of less than 5000 inhabitants. In twelve months, Orange has improved or covered 8000 municipalities representing 6 million inhabitants. This brings the total coverage in 4G Orange to 72% of the population on these territories.

In total, the mobile network, Orange covers 99% of the population in France in 3G+ and 90% in 4G.

Connect to a great holiday, and the emotion shared

According to a study by Kantar TNS for Orange on the French connected on vacation*, 83% express a desire to slow down their digital practices in the holiday. And yet :

more than 9 out of 10 French prevail on holiday, in France, at least a piece of equipment that allows them to connect. For families that are, on average, 2.7 smartphones
the mobile connection to the internet is taken into account by 1 French on 2 to choose their vacation spot
for 1 French on 2, it is complicated or even impossible, to consider their vacation without connection
on vacation, 90% of parents of children under the age of 21 years may remain in contact with their children. Both parents on three declare even communicate with them every day. The new exchange mainly by SMS (61%) or by calling (48%).
76% of French share photos or videos with their friends and loved ones on vacation. This figure rises to 88% among the under 25 years of age.
on the way, a good connection allows for 78% of the French to ensure the proper place of the trip to find addresses or search for routes.
on the holiday, 83% of French people indicate that this helps keep the contact, 64% organize% and 55% of play.
*Study KANTAR TNS conducted at the end of may 2017 on a sample of 1038 individuals representative of the French population 16 years and over

Use its package in Europe as in France

Today, customers of Orange and Sosh can use their plan and options in Europe and overseas such as in France. More details here .

Fabienne Dulac, Executive Director of Orange France, commented : “This study on the French connected on holiday confirms the paradox that we all live : the aspiration to disconnect during the holidays, relying on our Smartphone to keep the link with our loved ones, to share our experiences with our pictures and videos, to entertain us, locate us and ensure our safety in the event of a problem, especially during the journeys. It shows us to what extent the expectations of our clients are strong, and that we respond to it by deploying a connectivity quality, there where they need it, including on their places of vacation. ”

(1) 4G and 3G : with equipment and mobile compatible in the areas deployed. Coverage on .

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