The online firewood sales dangers of warning the Nébih

A number of the infringements revealed in the last time on the internet firewood advertisers in the National food chain safety Office (Nébih), and therefore the department warns shoppers to be careful when on the internet ordering firewood – the authority told MTI on Monday.

According to the information on the checks most of the time public notification basis. The notifiers usually on the internet advertised, and delivered firewood quantity and quality of the object and the supporting documents were missing, and complaints, in many cases, they can’t catch up to the advertiser.

The Nébih – in the timber-trade chain is responsible for the supervision authority as a draw attention to a business legitimate operation in itself does not guarantee that, if website some number of years now to order firewood. The official controls according to the experience, advertisers in many cases do not comply with the timber-trade chain relating to existing rules.

The office recommends the customer verify that the advertiser is the person or company’s name listed on the Nébih published on the website of infringements. Draw your attention to pre reference to the only reliable advertisers in case of pay the buyers, and the specified bank account number necessarily compare the register included in the data. Furthermore, in all cases, ask the firewood is handed over to the form-based, numbered delivery ticket, the name on issued invoices or receipts, as well as the firewood customer leaflet also contains the Nébih informed.

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