The OMXS30 Analysis v.20 ”the OMXS30 is left in its upward trends”.

OMXS30 index remains in both short-term and long-term upward trends. Handelsvolymsambanden is also positive, which increases the likelihood of further gains in the next few months. New buy signals are obtained on the OMXS30 establishes itself over the resistors at about 1655, about 1669, and about 1720. Sell signals are obtained if the index would instead go under the supports at about 1638, and approximately 1603. Downs that occur in a relatively low börshshare, however, mainly as potential köplägen for the long-term investor.

The stockholm stock exchange had last week an irregular development. Our Swedish storbolagsindex OMXS30 index went up 0.3% and finished at 1646,45. So far this year, the index has thus gone up by +8.5%. Including the secluded dividends so each week’s development was marginally better at +0.5%. For the year is the index when the at +11.9 per cent.

Compared to previous weeks, was last week’s relatively uneventful, This is when most of the bolagsrapporterna has arrived and then the Macrons victory in the French presidential election was already indiskonterad ago in the past. Among the OMXS30 shares, however, Swedish Match with a report which gave a positive kursreaktion. And Astra Zeneca lifted nearly 8% on the positive results of the research.

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In the technical analysis have the OMXS30 in recent weeks received a number of buy signals and set both short-term and long-term in the upward trends.

In the weekly chart below, we see that the index has a motståndsområde around about 1669, but above all at all-time high of 1720. Then handelsvolymsambanden is positive, that is to say that börsomsättningarna usually is higher than during the nedgångsdagarna, so see the OMXS30 out to have very good opportunities to at least go up to 1720 in the next few months. This is our working hypothesis.

Warning signs of to our hypothesis, the risk is not to come to be fulfilled would be if the OMXS30 during a relatively high trading activity would go under important support levels.

If the OMXS30 , for example, would establish itself in the intensities at about 1603, and about 1540 in börsomsättningar at well over 20 billion per day during the nedgångsdagarna obtained, therefore, the long-term key sell signals. But the slight losses that occur under a relatively low börsaktivitet we see primarily as potential buying opportunities for the långsiktige investor.

In the day chart below we also see that the OMXS30 would get a sell signal if the intensity at about 1638 would be broken. But in the longer term levels of support at about 1603, and about 1540 is far more important.

The Stochastic indicator shows that the OMXS30 index continues to find itself in a överköptläge. This is not a sell signal in itself, then the index can be in a överköptläge for a long time if it does come out in a strong trend. But in combination with any other type of sell signal in the actual OMXS30 chart so it would reinforce how this would be received in this potential sell signal.

But as I said, the main scenario is that the OMXS30 index continues in its upward trend. And by the time both the tests and establishes itself across both resistors at about 1655, about 1669, and as it at about 1720.

In timdiagrammet , we see that in the even shorter term horizon have the OMXS resistance levels at about 1650 and about 1655 and intensities at about 1641, and about 1638. The probability is greatest that the trend continues upward, resistance levels are broken and the buy signals are generated is obtained. But acting with short-term strategies, it is also important to monitor any sell signals.

Acting for the rise way preferably a stop of the intensities at about 1638-1641 broken. Also move up the stops as the position is proving more and more profit.

Would the intensities at about 1638-1641 broken can aim downs down to the support level at about 1622 or down to the area around ca 1603. However, please be extra careful if you choose to act for the decline. For the longer-term trends pointing up and handelsvolymsambanden is so far very positive. Stop preferably on the OMXS30 on the new go over in 1638.

Use of more long-term strategies we recommend in the same way as previously, it is primarily exposed to the continued rise in the OMXS30 index. Feel free to use, if possible, any downward recoils that occur under a relatively low trading activity to increase on the positions of the rise.

Stop loss on this strategy, if the long upward trends in the OMXS30 index for the unlikely event of being broken. And especially if the stock starts to go down during a growing börsaktivitet.

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