The number two Air Canada tipped to head Air France-KLM

The process of appointment in advance at Air France-KLM. More than three months after the resignation in early may of Jean-Marc Janaillac, the nominating committee of the board of directors of the company franco-Dutch put the hand on a potential successor. He stopped his choice on Benjamin Smith, the current director of operations of Air Canada, according to several sources, including the national Union of airline pilots (SNPL), the first trade union of pilots of the company.

The number two of Air Canada is to become director-general of the Air France-KLM group, which would provide a non-executive chairman, a position now occupied by Anne-Marie Couderc as an interim measure. Has the management of the company, it remains extremely cautious : “No decision is taken on this day. “”The final choice belongs not to the nominating committee, but the board of directors,” recalls a director of the company. And it has not yet been convened to decide.

And then, it is in the company, ” we would like to avoid that any candidate is found in the same position as Philippe Capron in July. “After the departure of Mr. Janaillac, Mr. Capron, the chief financial officer of Veolia, had been pre-selected by the nominating committee of the board of directors of Air France-KLM, but its name, which came out in the press and vilified by current and former union leaders of the company, had finally not been adopted by the council of the fourth european airline.

Increase of the remuneration

Since then, the committee has broadened its search criteria. On the insistence of shareholders of american (Delta Air lines) and chinese (China Eastern), the board of Air France-KLM has decided to be more open to profiles international, a taboo so far for the group.

“We have only one imperative for the recruitment of future officer of Air France, stated an administrator the current…

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