The new business of the Boncoin

Leboncoin was already the largest flea markets of France, coupled with a huge estate agency and a powerful platform for job ads. Twelve years after its creation, the site broadens its field of action. There is always the old scores of Yves Duteil, the Ferrari of opportunity, wiper blades, a sex-shop to resume at Soissons, in the Aisne, studios and castles, a batch of 110 cows limousines, or a tiler for a temporary job in Saint-Brieuc. But, now, Leboncoin also offers real estate programs new. A small revolution officially unveiled Wednesday, September 12.

This is the first time that the specialist’s products second-hand and old housing venture in the field of nine. No doubt not the last. “After the construction of the site, then its development, we are entering a phase of acceleration… and upheaval, announces Antoine Jouteau, the director-general. So we arrive in new areas, and this will continue. ”

In November 2017, the company, a subsidiary of the Norwegian Schibsted, had prepared the ground by buying from SoLocal (formerly PagesJaunes) the site Has to Sell Rent, which included pages devoted to the programs new. These last few days, these pages have been transferred on a specific site, The offer is going to a studio, 78 000 euros to Lorient (Morbihan) up to a five-piece “from 3.8 million euros” in a luxury residence overlooking the Mediterranean sea, in Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes).

Some 4.5 million French people have booked their holiday on the site in 2017

In total, Leboncoin offers 3 600 programs, signed Eiffage, Vinci, Nexity, etc .. They represent ” more than 35 800 homes to buy in France “. It is much less than the competitor SeLoger, which displays nearly 140 000 ads for apartments or houses to buy….

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