The national Assembly gives its green light to the privatization

The wave of privatization desired by Emmanuel Macron has passed without incident, Thursday, October 4, the cape of the vote by the deputies. The national Assembly, dominated by The Republic market (LREM), was adopted by a large majority the articles 44 to 52 of the act for the activity and the growth and business transformation (Pact), which provide for the sale of Aéroports de Paris (ADP Group) and the Française des jeux (FDJ), as well as the descent to the capital of the Engie.

The debates have, however, been bitter. Bruno Le Maire, the minister of economy and finance, and mps LREM have faced “a coalition of opposition between the right, the left, the Untamed and the communist Party “challenging” jumble “of several” jewels common of the nation, ” according to the words of Philippe Gosselin (LR).

In keeping with its interests, the State could obtain at the current rate of 400 million euros in annual dividends, have noticed in a chorus, Valérie Rabault, a leader of the socialist party, Eric Coquerel (BIA) and Daniel Fasquelle (LR). An amount higher than 250 million euros expected in the fund for the disruptive innovation that the government intends to finance through privatization.

Meps have also stressed the many unknowns surrounding the future disposals. How many units the State wants it to yield each company ? Under what conditions ? These issues are referred to the orders prepared at Bercy. “You want to vote on a specification that nobody knows. In other words, you want a ” blank cheque “, criticized Valérie Rabault.


The operation promises to be complex. To give in the form of a concession, the manager of the airports of the capital, the State, which holds 50,6 % of the share capital of ADP Group, to limit in time the right of exploitation of the platform at the airport, today without terminal. It is intended to give a…

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