The “naming” starts to win the French sport

A taboo is in the process of jumping in the French sport. Long chilly, France succumbed to the ” naming “, the practice that allows a brand to sponsor, for a fee, an equipment, a championship or a sporting event.

“When we started, by the end of 2017, the Observatory of the naming, France had a dozen of stadiums and sports facilities and renamed. A year later, of which there are sixteen. A dynamic was installed, ” says Magali Tézenas du Montcel, the general delegate of the association Sporsora, which organizes, Friday, 12 October, a study day on this practice.

If the naming is common in cycling and sailing, it has, since then, many developed in other areas. In addition to Pro basketball, known as the ” Jeep Elite “, the Cup of the football league, now bears the name of ” BKT “, a brand of pneumatic in india.

In large facilities, the salle de spectacle de Bordeaux was renamed at the beginning of October, ” Arkéa Arena “, the name of the bank that seeks to emancipate the Crédit mutuel. The U Arena, founded, in Nanterre, by Jacky Lorenzetti, the owner of the Racing, one of the rugby clubs in the region, has been renamed ” Paris-la Defense Arena “, the name of the local government facility that manages the city’s business district.

“A way to cover the financing of equipment ”

In Strasbourg, the Credit union will give its name to the future enclosure of the GIS, the basketball club of the alsatian capital. In Amiens, the football stadium of the Unicorn was added to his name that of the Credit agricole bank. More unexpected, Asvel, the basketball club of Villeurbanne (Rhône) – owned by Tony Parker, has been renamed the ” RRCA-Asvel “, the name of a distributor of computer hardware.

“Typically, advertisers seek to gain visibility. For BKT, it is a clear means of getting known in France, while for AccorHotels, became the title sponsor of the Palace…

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