The Macrons party to landslide victory in parliamentary elections.

The final result of Sunday’s first round in the French parliamentary elections shows that almost a third of the voters cast their votes on president Emmanuel Macrons party, LREM, or on the allianspartiet Modem.

It writes the Financial Times nätutgåva.

The success of the election will likely mean that the LREM and the Modem will have over 400 seats, out of 577 in the national assembly after the second round on 18 June.

Brice Teinturier, director of political research at Ipsos, said that the LREM may be headed for a landslide victory because its candidates look to qualify for the second round in almost all the constituencies, and attract votes from both the left/center – center/right side.

”For all the other parties, the right wing, National front, Okuvade France and the Socialist party, it is a setback,” he said.

The socialist party look to go from 284 seats in parliament to between 15-40 places after only having garnered 9.5 percent of the votes in the first round. The republicans look at the same time, to back down from 199 to 132 sites after having collected about 20 per cent of the votes in the first round.

The selection also looks like it will be a disappointment for the National Front, as only the total 13.2 per cent of the votes. Party leader Marine Le Pen is, however, able to secure a seat in parliament

The left Okuvade France looks to secure between the 13 and 23 sites.

The turnout, however, was a record low, less than half of the voters submitted their votes.

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