The machine to recruit the great clerk of the State be influenza

It was one of the posts in the most prestigious area of the Republic. Since 23 August, the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) no longer has a captain. Case new, Pierre-René Lemas, the boss outgoing, ensures the interim while waiting for the Elysee found a successor. His nomination now seems to be imminent, but this vacancy extended to the top surprising as the executive has not been caught short. No one was unaware that Mr. Lemas would reach the heart of summer the legal age of retirement from the prefecture.

“The entourage of the head of State has addressed late in the succession at the head of the CDC, in the month of July, starting from the principle that the first person contacted for the position would accept and that the handover would take place at the end of August,” said a close to the folder. Several have declined the proposal. The authorities found themselves as a hen before a knife and the nomination process was derailed. “

According to this source, the executive would have suffered to this day not less than seven refusal. Among them, circulate the names of Véronique Bédague (secretary-general of Nexity, former director of the cabinet of Manuel Valls at Matignon), Antoine Gosset-Grainville (business lawyer, former number two of the CDC) and Ramon Fernandez (director general delegate of Orange, ex-director general of the Treasury). “Ten years ago, the types would have sold their mother for the job ! “, despairs a former of the Fund.

This season, the choice of a commissioner of the industry, promised for early September, also dragged on in length. “The salary level had raised a problem, then the prospect of career of the person concerned was returning online account,” says a source at the finance ministry. And then, adds another source, ” it was necessary to stall precisely the scope of this new position, with the directions of Bercy and the other departments. Now, everything seems to…

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