“The low quality of the French management is confirmed by numerous investigations in the field “

Companies. Nine years after the first complaints filed in September 2009, the judges instructors of the pole of public health, Paris, 12 June, referred to the tribunal correctionnel, the company France Telecom and its former CEO, Didier Lombard, and six other executives and managers, bullying and/or complicity of moral harassment.

The judges considered that the team had conducted “an enterprise policy aimed at destabilising the employees” and “to create a climate of professional anxiety” have led ten-nine employees committed suicide, twelve try to do it and eight to undergo an episode of depression or a work stoppage.

The excesses of the management and policies had been put in question at the time of the facts by several reports, including those of the firm Technologia, which showed the damage on the physical and mental health of employees on the occasion of the program ” A new experience in telecommunications “, whose goal was to make it from 22 000 employees by all means.

Degradation since 2005

This event is exceptional, or is it a developer ? The most recent investigations describing the evolution of working conditions in France, two series of investigations in europe and in france on the working conditions – are in favor of the second answer. These works highlight the very poor quality of working conditions the French, in the process of degradation since 2005 and markedly less good than in many other european countries.

The last wave of the european survey technology, and the low quality of the French management, also confirmed by numerous field surveys, which underline the serious shortcomings of a management based on the diploma, too often unable to know the actual stresses in the concrete work and, therefore, to set the right goals…

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