The justice cannot locate your Free customers, a major flaw for investigators

“Yes, it is true, you can not locate your Free customers. But do not tell too much!! “This high official of the ministry of justice does not hide his embarrassment. Since the 1st of January, the location data of several million customers Free (the owner, Xavier Niel, is a shareholder in a personal capacity in the World) are no longer available to the investigators. This flaw, however, largely predictable, it remains gaping for almost ten months.

The ” géoloc “, which allows to trace precisely the path of a person even when the latter do not phone, is a great convenience for the investigators. The impossibility of implementing this “spinning” in real-time to one of the four major French operators constitutes a breach of major in the surveillance. “There are a few holes in the racket Big Brother” sums up bitterly, a senior police officer.

This incredible missed illustrates the difficulties encountered since the establishment of the national Platform of the interceptions judicial (PNIJ), which is entrusted to the Thales group. Born of a desire to centralize phone tapping and the legal requisitions (traps, limitations, fadettes, ” géoloc “), PNIJ is intended to replace the private contractors who dealt with up here the raw data provided by the operators.

“Laborious and time-consuming ”

In the Face of the reluctance of investigation services to use this new interface described as “obsolete, laborious, and time-consuming” by a recent communiqué of the majority Union of officers of the internal security act, act of June 3, 2016 was even obliged to resort from the 1st of January. But the delays are accumulated, and it is only since 12 September that all new legal requirements go through the PNIJ. All, except those that relate to the ” géoloc “.

The rise in…

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