The housing Situation in Guyana in a context of exit from the crisis

Interview with Patrice Azria, Chairman of the Group Océanic

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The group Océanic presents himself as the leader of the promotion of private in Guyana. What are the reasons that led you to establish your company on this territory ?

Patrice Azria : there are a couple of years, Bernard Lama, famous goalie of the football from Remire-Montjoly, made me discover the local market. In Guyana, I discovered a region with a very important housing need, but a lack of offers screaming. As a consultant in heritage management, I commercialisais already real estate investment. Also, I’ve decided to start a first operation on own funds from the beginning of the years 2000.

Can you enlighten us on the specifics, including demographics, specific to Guyana and that could impact the housing sector ?

Patrice Azria : needs are estimated at about 4 500 units per year, half of them social housing. In 50 years, the population in Guyana has been almost seven-fold, from 33 000 inhabitants at the beginning of the years 60 to 239 000 today. The situation is problematic because it still awaits a doubling of the population, which is expected to reach 574 000 inhabitants by 2040. It is the result of constructions without permission and therefore 24 000 inhabitants living in unsanitary conditions.

Following the recent crisis that come through the department, what do you think are the main issues in terms of housing ?

Patrice Azria : With 3200 social housing units permitted between 2009 and 2012 and 6350 dwellings for the whole of the private park, the construction effort is already important but insufficient. The construction of private dwellings is progressing, because between 2001 and 2004 the figure was only 3 100. The construction effort in Guyana would first have to reach 4400 units per year, then 5200 by 2040.

Guyana is implementing a Regional Planning Scheme (SAR) to address these challenges. Can you tell us more about this program ?

Patrice Azria : Adopted in 2015, the SAR carries difficult choices in terms of planning, equipment and development of the territory of French Guyana in 2030. The housing is an integral part of the objectives of the SAR, for an upgrade of French Guiana in the following areas : housing, energy, access to clean water, education, health, roads… It is to meet the housing needs by accelerating the production and proposing an offer adapted in terms of the challenges and issues of today.

What are your current projects in French Guiana ?

Patrice Azria : today our offer includes a programme on the heights of Remire-Montjoly, adjacent commune chic Cayenne. It is composed of small residences, some with swimming pool and villas. The whole of this program benefit from an exceptional quality of life, between city, sea and nature, being both very close to Cayenne. This program is eligible for devices PINEL overseas and GIRARDIN COMPANY.

About the Group Océanic :

Based in Brittany, in French Guiana and Neuilly-sur-Seine, the Group Océanic is specialized in the sectors of real estate, rental investment and wealth management. The advisors of the Group accompany the individuals and companies in their investment projects since 1993.

OCEANIC employs 94 people across three business lines : Oceanic Promotion, a leader in promoting private real estate in Guyana (26 programs, individual and group delivered by the Group since 2003 and 2300 batch managed), Oceanic real Estate, which provides a solution for global real estate and Oceanic Finance, a consulting firm in wealth management. This feature allows to Group OCEANIC accompany its clients throughout their project via a complete service. ”

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