The housing market is spread all more shows SBAB’s mäklarbarometer.

Storstadsregionernas housing markets out of step. During the second quarter, the markets have generally lost momentum, but while there is a fairly precipitous slowdown in the Stockholm bostadsrättsmarknad rolls Gothenburg and Malmö småhusmarknader in almost överhettningsliknande speed.

It shows the state bolånebanken SBAB’s Mäklarbarometer based on a quarterly survey of 220 real estate agents in the three metropolitan areas. The survey was carried out during the period 1-16 June.

The outcome of the survey shows that demand for condominiums fell and the demand for houses rose less than expected in the second quarter.

The supply of homes for sale increased, however, in line with previous seasonal patterns. It led to a weak development of budpremierna, the differences between the starting and the end price, and to försäljningstiderna increased.

In Stockholm has försäljningsprocesserna become significantly slower while there is still a clear demand in Gothenburg and Malmö, in particular, on the småhusmarknaderna. The price trend has clearly shifted down, with signs of falling bostadsrättspriser in Stockholm and lower prisökningstakter in the other markets.

”Indicators have never shown in the past on the so large differences between the different housing markets. Stockholm bostadsrättsmarknad exhibits both price and efterfrågestagnation at the same time as the markets rolls on at a rapid pace in both Gothenburg and Malmö”, says Tor Borg, chief economist, SBAB, in a comment.

Likely is the increase in housing construction, the tightening of conditions in the mortgage market that dampens the markets, however, have uneven regional effects.

In relation to the size of the population as it has the past two years, built about twice as much housing in the Stockholm region as in the Gothenburg region and the malmö region.

Although it is difficult to estimate how much the increase in new housing starts affect the supply and demand in the markets, but the dampening effect should be greatest in Stockholm. For a little over a year ago tightened amorteringskravet for new bolåntagare and several banks have also introduced a ceiling on how high the mortgages granted in relation to income. With the price levels, and thus also loans, are substantially higher in Stockholm, so hit the housing market, where the harder of the this kind of austerity, type SBAB.

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