The hives are connected to Hostabee will be at Futur en Seine, the festival of the digital, from 8 to 10 June

Hostabee will B-Keep, its connected module designed to monitor the health status of bees within the hive, through demonstrations in space, “Territory” on the “stand T22”.

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Paris, June 1, 2017 – The startup French Hostabee, a forerunner on the market of the agriculture connected with its module for monitoring the state of bee health, participates in Futur en Seine, 8, 9 and 10 June at the Grande Halle de la Villette (Paris 20). Present in the space Territories on the stand T22, Hostabee will introduce, through demonstrations, to its innovative concept and unique offering designed to improve and optimize the work of the beekeepers, regardless of the type of hives they have.

Hostabee has developed a connected module, B-Keep, which measures the temperature and humidity of each hive to allow beekeepers to monitor, at a distance, the state of health of each colony. In addition, B-Keep incorporates a technology of location awareness for the fight against the theft of beehives. Single, B-keep may such claim be :
Universal : the opposite of scales existing, the module that is inserted between frames of the hives can be adapted to all models of hives, whatever their forms and their sizes
Affordable : B-Keep is marketed at a price of€ 80, with a sliding scale tariff according to the volume (one module per hive), plus a monthly subscription of a few Euros
Stand-alone : running on battery, the module Hostabee has a battery life of two years and does not require any special maintenance.
Harmless : B-Keep works via a technology that is completely harmless for the bees.

Events and news Hostabee on the occasion of Futur en Seine 2017

Saturday, June 10, from 14h, come and meet Happyculteur on the stand Hostabee
Winner of Startup Weekend Food 2016, Happyculteur has for ambition to bring together the citizens and the bees. This startup wants to make the practice of beekeeping more accessible, practical, and collaborative and thus enable everyone to make a commitment to biodiversity in the city .

The living room
With already eight editions, Futur en Seine became the rendez-vous emblematic of digital innovation, the French event that gathers the professionals and the general public in the framework of workshops and conferences. The Intelligences, be they artificial, human, collaborative, creative or disruptive, will be the central theme of this year’s edition.

About Hostabee
Established in April 2015 in Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne, the startup Hostabee has developed a solution designed for both professional beekeepers, enthusiasts, based on its expertise in hives and bees. Hostabee has developed a module connected and a web application that allow beekeepers to follow the life cycle of the bee colony, in a constantly changing environment. Thanks to Hostabee, beekeepers can optimize their work by avoiding the visits of unwarranted and increasing the effectiveness of their interventions, but especially to decrease the mortality rate of the bees.
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