The hidden costs of low cost airlines

Year-to-year, the low-cost carriers (low cost) do not cease to attract new travelers. In 2016, more than 48 million passengers have borrowed one, or 32% of the overall traffic French, so they were only $ 36 million in 2013 (26 %). Infatuation is even stronger for the flights to or from Europe, with 50 % of the market share. And the trend is not reversing itself.

After Ryanair, easyJet or Transavia for the short-haul and medium-haul flights, new airlines such as French Blue, Norwegian, WOW Air, and XL Airways have now also long-haul flights (lasting more than six hours) at prices defying all competition. “An evolution made possible by the decrease in fuel prices, the arrival of planes which consume significantly less and mindsets that change. Travelers no longer fear for their safety on this type of flight, ” says Morgan Bourven of the UFC-que choisir.

Add 7 euros for the Wi-Fi

Thus, for a ticket Paris-New York, on average, it takes 467 euros on a low-cost airline against 528 € on a regular line, a gap of 13.1 %. But the price is not everything. “Before deciding, it is essential to take the time to compare the on-board services and their prices according to the desired comfort “, recommends Jonathan Sepulchre, market manager France Skyscanner, a leading global comparators online plane tickets.

If the company French Blue offers a round-trip Paris-Saint-Denis, at an average price of 751,04 euros, you will need to add 15 euros to choose your seat, 7 euros for Wi-Fi, a minimum of 1 euro for a snack and 2.50 euros for a drink and 10 euros for a meal. Or, in total, a ticket that amounted to 786,54 euros – in the end, 20 euro more expensive than at Air Caribbean, which offers a round-trip 765,27 euros with all services included…

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